5 Often – Overlooked Questions to Ask your Financial Adviser in the New Year

Start your financial year off on the right foot by getting the answers to these 5 key questions

Start 2019 one step ahead by asking your financial adviser these five commonly overlooked questions to help you optimize your finances. The new calendar year is a great time to take a step back to reflect on your goals and reset your financial plan to make sure you are on track.

1. How much am I paying in fees?

2. What employer – sponsored savings accounts and financial benefits should I take advantage of?

3. How do the (relatively) new tax laws impact me?

4. How much risk is appropriate for me right now?

5. What other services are available to me?

Finally, ask your adviser what other services are available to you through their firm. Can they help you with your estate, legacy, tax, banking or other planning? These items may be important pieces of your financial plan.

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