Smart Consumer Series: Don’t Fall for These Money Tricks!

Watch out for solicitations from companies that want to charge you for financial tasks you can do free of charge


Sometimes you happily pay someone else to do a financial chore you could do yourself, like preparing your taxes or appealing your property tax assessment, because of the time and headache it saves. But sometimes people get duped into paying for a financial service they may not need or don’t realize they can do themselves without too much effort.

The best way to avoid falling for one of these schemes is to know what they are and how they work. Here are common pitches for services you probably don’t need any help with:

  • We’ll help you procure a property deed
  • We’ll get you a free credit report
  • We can help you pay down your student loans
  • We can help you find forgotten assets


Learn how to steer clear of these schemes



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