Weekend Reading: Quarterly Review – Reincarnation

The central bank reincarnation has been celebrated by investors


First quarter 2019 market performance implies investors have faith that the reincarnation of central banks will lead to the rebirth of the global economic expansion, which suffered a noticeable slowdown throughout 2018. Beyond central banks’ new-found dovishness, investors are seeking resolution to the U.S. – China trade war and clarity on Brexit. A few first quarter highlights:

  • Global equity markets recouped all their 2018 losses and are up 12.3% for the quarter
  • Interest rates across the world and across the yield curve have fallen
  • The 10 -year U.S Treasury yield has fallen from over 3% to 2.4%
  • German and Japanese 10 -year bond yields are now back into negative territory
  • Global real estate enjoyed a 14.8% first quarter return, while global listed infrastructure was up 14.1%

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