Weekly Market Update – February 19, 2019

Last Week

  • China Trade Data Surpasses Expectations – Imports and exports declined in January, but they both surprised to the upside as imports declined less than expected and exports increased year-over-year.
  • Delayed December Retail Sales Come in Soft – The U.S. government shutdown caused a delay in December’s retail sales report, which came in shockingly lower than economist surveys predicted.
  • Coca – Cola Expects Growth Slowdown in 2019 – Coca-Cola (KO) experienced its largest single intraday decline since the financial crisis as unit case volume fell in the Americas in December.

This Week

  • Global Manufacturing Indicators May be Mixed – Slowing economic growth expectations for 2019 have been a main investor focus this year.
  • Following Rate Pause, Fed Minutes Likely to Highlight Balance Sheet – After the Federal Reserve’s pivot from gradual interest rate hikes in 2018 to a pause in 2019, minutes from January’s Fed meeting will likely focus on the size of the balance sheet.
  • Inflation Projected to Remain Low – Most central banks have indicated a pause from any monetary policy tightening due to a lack of inflation.

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