Weekly Market Update – May 6, 2019


Last Week

  • FED Chairman Powell Sees Low Inflation as Transitory – March’s core Personal Consumption Expenditure reading of 1.6% on a year-over-year basis came in below expectations and moved further away from the Federal Reserve’s 2% target.
  • Labor Market Remains Strong in Goldilocks Report – April’s jobs added figure of 263,000 jobs shot well over estimates and marks two solid months after a poor 33,000 figure in February.
  • Earning Surprise Drives Apple Back Over 1 Trillion Market Cap -Apple reported negative revenue and profit for the second straight quarter but surpassed analyst estimates on Wall Street.

This Week

  • U.S. China Discussions May Lead To Tentative Trade Deal – Speculative media reports suggest that a tentative U.S.-China trade deal may be reached by Friday.
  • Walt Disney Reports First Quarter Earnings – Communication services companies are likely to closely watch Disney’s earnings report as competition between online streaming service companies heats up.

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