Smart Consumer Series: Things to Consider Before Donating to a New Charity

Take time to research the group asking for the donation


To many Americans, the phrase “We support our troops” is more than just a bumper sticker. They put their money where their heart is and contribute to organizations that benefit members of the military – or police officers, first responders, or others who serve. Their generous intent shouldn’t be undermined by sham charities that allocate the lion’s share of donations not to promised services, but to telemarketing, salaries, and other overhead.

Reputable charities rely on your contributions to help deserving recipients. But when making a donation personally or on behalf of your business, take time to research the group asking for the donation. Some of the things you should consider before donating to your favorite charity:

  1. See what third party rating sites have to say about the charity
  2. Check if the charity or fundraiser is registered with your state charity regulator
  3. What’s in a name? Perhaps a fraud.
  4. Consider your rights under “Do Not Call”
  5. Don’t tarnish your company’s good name by inadvertently associating it with scams


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