Smart Consumer Series – What to Buy (& Skip) in March

The 4 Best Things to Buy in March – and 3 to Skip


Warmer weather is just around the corner, and the end to your cabin fever is in sight! Before you head out to refresh your spring routine, it’s important to know where you can save the most money this month — and which items will be worth waiting on.

What to Buy

  • Home Fitness Equipment – With warmer weather taking people outside for their workouts, stores want to clear indoor fitness machines from their inventory.
  • Spring Cleaning Essentials – Look for store promotions and manufacturer coupons to pick up your spring cleaning supplies at a discount.
  • Frozen Food – Look out for store promotions and brand coupons to stock up on frozen fruits, veggies, fish and prepared meals.
  • Winter Gear & Apparel – It’s your last call to pick up a new heavy coat, boots, scarves and other cold-weather accessories.

What to Skip

  • Furniture – The furniture industry just released 2019 models, so retailers aren’t likely to offer great discounts this time of year.
  • Spring Fashion – If you can wait until Memorial Day, you can save up to 90% on your new denim, dresses, strappy shoes and more.
  • A New Car – Dealerships know shoppers are more likely to visit car lots when the weather is warmer and tax refund checks have hit their bank accounts.


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