Weekend Reading – Taxes Around The World

As tax documents fill our mailboxes in the U.S., we explore the individual tax regimes around the world


Politicians for centuries have used taxation as a primary incentive to garner greater public influence. But the current surge in populism, particularly across Europe, revives age-old grievances from taxpayers. Since the onset of the financial crisis, European politicians, particularly in countries facing severe stress, have been forced to pursue fiscal consolidation efforts through a combination of higher taxes and lower spending, referred to as “austerity”.


The IRS has estimated that only 84% of taxes owed are paid every year; the revenue shortfall to the U.S. government is about $400 billion annually, or almost 3% of gross domestic product. With yearly deficits skyrocketing to more than $1 trillion, some recovery of back taxes would be very much welcome. For those who owe, it will be a bad day when the IRS arrives on the doorstep. But it will be a good day for the rest of us.


This article highlights how…

  • Throughout history, taxes have been the subject of popular discontent
  • High tax burdens have drawn fire in several European countries
  • In the U.S., good economic growth did not offset the loss of tax revenue from the 2017 tax act
  • The IRS deserves more resources and support


Take a break from your taxes and read how tax rates effect you and everyone else around the world


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